My Journey

First off, i'd like to welcome you to my blog and hope you enjoy my insights, opinions, featured work from my collections, and various other news and event highlights from around the world and my studio.

I started drawing at the tender age of 6 and would draw portraits of historical men and women. Drawing faces was my first attempt at drawing and it steered me in the artistic direction I am at at this point in my life. I became enamored of the process of creating and from the supportive opinions and feedback from my parents and family, I became confident in my abilities from a very young age. My early experimentation also led me to work with lithographs and stained glass projects using paper cutouts and transparent colored paper to create a stained glass design effect.

I made my first sale of a lithograph at the age of 10 at the Dayspring Gallery on Broadway in Saratoga Springs, New York, where I grew up. I was excited and enjoyed the gallery exhibition atmosphere and meeting all the people. I went on to progress to a more distinct style and dabbled in stippling for a year and showed some works of art at the Casino Gallery in Congress Park and soon it was off to college. In college at West Virginia University where I was accepted on a scholarship based on my portfolio, I soon started researching and studying various masters such as Picasso, Leger, Dali, Bosch, and Pollock. My mind gravitated towards artists who broke with tradition and challenged themselves and I began working with a surreal style and even some cubist drawings experimenting with shape and form. I wanted to find myself in college and plunged head first into many ideas, thoughts, styles, experimentation, and with various mediums such as oils, sculpting, acrylics, and pencil. Pencil seemed to be the most comfortable choice and I would spend hours sitting up all morning before class working feverishly on assignments and putting a tremendous amount of work into each piece.

The work on the right, "Portrait of Sebastian," reflected my experimentation at the age of 18 and 19 for the first two years of college. I wanted to show I could be versatile and see reality differently while creating a nice flow and breakdown in the work. The experience in college under the mentored guidance of Professor's Freedman, Hockings, and Krantz, led me to explore myself in a unique way without being limited to my freedom both creatively and with time. They were very open minded with me and let me progress without caging me into a specific style or way of creating.

I am very appreciative of the way they guided me looking back and I grew quickly as an artist. After some 200 drawings, 100 paintings, 250 photographs (photography classes), 10 giant sculptures, numerous lithographs and murals, and various design creations, I was ready to start my journey on my own outside an institutional environment. For the first time in my life, I was able to unleash the creative passions inside me with the heights of passion and pursue my quest to grow as an artist and eventually sell my work to sustain myself on my own.

My overall approach involves the arrangement of color, form, shape, and the involvement of positive and negative contours within the overall composition. When we look at the world from a distance from space, we would conclude from our observations that our world is a complex dynamic of movement, color, shape, and the interaction of all these into one harmonic flow. I approach my works in much the same manner, taking and absorbing everyday life and then subjecting all the complexities and interactions of these object, sounds, and colors to a universal analysis. This analyzation then breaks down these forms and colors into dynamic relationships within the composition, forming a harmonic flow between these elements generating this approach.

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